Essential Moments

€ 89,00 EUR
Essential Moments

Essential Moments

18K Gold-plated

€ 89,00 EUR
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Cord Colour

Exclusive Giftbox in collaboration with Terrae Concept: 1x Huella Necklace, 3x Terrae Concept Candles & a reduction of 20% on your next purchase!
Necklace Color : Gold-plated
Necklace Medallion: Diameter 17mm
Candle Color: Pure Grey
Candle Perfume : Lebanon Cedar
Candle Size: 7(D) x 4(H)cm

What to select for medallion ?
- A : one fingerprint on front side, nothing on back side
- B : first fingerprint on front side, second fingerprint on back side
- C : one fingerprint on front side, writing on back side (maximum 10 characters)
€ 89,00 EUR
Notes :  
Once your payment has been processed, you will receive by email an order confirmation from where you will be able to send us your fingerprints and the eventual writings. Please take into account the process of vectorization and engraving (10 to 15 days) before any order dispatch .

Fingerprints ideally from the age of 4-5 years old to be visible enough; lines of the imprint in the center must stand out clearly on your picture. Here's the visual info for the process.

Appointment also possible in Brussels ( or in Montreal ( if you want us to take your fingerprints.

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