Fingerprints meaning

March 8, 2020 2:00 PM

Curious to find the meaning ?

Fingerprints are one of the principal features of our own uniqueness and can either reveal loops, curves or swirls. Through divergent patterns, dermatoglyphics helps us to have a better understanding of the potential connexion between palm hands drawing and people’s behavior. What are you ?

Loops : If you do have looped fingerprints, you will find yourself to be defined as a trustful, calm and sociable person. Helping people and being open-hearted are important matters. As a day-dreamer, you might be stricken by a lack of concentration through emotional fluctuations explaining your way of being indecisive when it comes to take initiatives. But your constant and active imagination will help you to achieve great things.

Curves : Curvy fingerprints disposal invites you to have great artistic abilities. You will tend to be quite energetic, reliable, courageous and confident. Two aspects clearly stand out from that situation. On one side, self-confidence is an important matter in everyday’s life and with such character trait, it could lead you to experience a leadership position in your work environment. But on the other side, over-confidence could affect you at some point and drive you into a form of stubbornness when decisions are taken too quickly. Hardworking is one of your best assets though, you will be rejecting any laziness.

Swirls : If the drawing of your palm hands lines corresponds to swirls, you might be attached to a natural talented and quick thinking personality. Good temper would also show up as one of your assets. The combination of those traits would guide you to a leadership position even though if it wasn’t your first intention ! Sharp and unpredictable mindset of such kind offers you a bit of an edge as your determination and sense of achievement will hardly ever fail you.

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