Stay positive

March 15, 2020 2:00 PM

Stay positive, stay home and stay safe.

Note to our Huella fam'.

In unknown territory, the week has not started as it is about to end, for sure. But what turns out to be even more certain is that we can improve the time granted to us in the best possible way: keep smiling, be united and above all love each other. Hang in there to overcome your impatience to go out. Transform this period of arduous contagion through contagious positivity.

A world being shut down, yes maybe, but you ? Definitely not. Take the flipside of the situation to enjoy precious moments with your loved ones while staying home, educate yourself, read, write, draw, paint, think, discuss, dream. Press pause to disconnect from known territory before being able to reconnect to it.

Spread this positivity as much as you can.

Stay home and stay safe.

Sending loads of love,

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