Summer vibes

March 26, 2020 1:00 PM

Summery feeling all seasons along.

Solar collection, our latest one, has been released in summer 2018 after Huella (December 2017) and Cord (January 2018). Abstractly shaping the sun, it reminds us of warm and fond memories. Offering a summery feeling, silver or gold(-plated) versions can be worn all year long, fitting all kinds of outfits as does Huella collection made up of our intemporal basics.

Giving you a hint of holidays any time of the year through radiant medallions, you will be able to order bracelets or necklaces which are designed with smaller engraved diameters than Huella ones. Figaro, curb and cable-knit chains can be selected for necklaces ; as for bracelets, it is made with an adjustable figaro chain.

Whatever your jewelry choice may be, sun will be out anytime and anywhere.

More details over here.

Have a good day,

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